Set design

Kira Ricarte, Set Designer

     She's studying at Hunter College and working as a set designer for the first time, is excited to bring this play into rich, colorful life.

How will you set up the string room?

     "It would be organized, with one string connected to the grid, with three others connected to the first string, to create a tent-shaped string room. At the floor, there will be a fifth string connected to all the others serving as the floor. I plan to stabilize it all using balloon weights, so that the room can maintain its integrity."

- Kira Ricarte, SD

How will you tackle the apartment scene?

     "The SR [stage right] side with black paint, as stated before, is mostly used for the Underworld scene. But in this case, will also be used for the apartment scene, since this is where Eurydice dies the first time. 


There would be three paintings on the SR side of the flat, making the place seem like a rich, interesting place where the Interesting Man might live. In a way, it is a trap set for Eurydice, who often desired for interesting company, and someone to hear her express her mind.


The actors will walk on the platform, indicating that they are someplace high up. Stage Left would be in darkness, until Orpheus cries out Eurydice's name as she leaves Stage Right, with sounds of her demise following right after."

- Kira Ricarte, SD

 How are you constructing the overworld and underworld in relation to each other (in terms of shape and set pieces)?

     "The stage will be split into two, with black paint on the Stage Right side of the theatre flat including the elevator in upstage Center, and a starry night sky painted on the upstage Left side.


The actors will walk on a platform that stands next to the flat which resembles a boardwalk at a beach.The platform itself serves as a bigger indicator that this is the Overworld, since the characters in the Underworld will be standing on the floor itself, while the characters in the Overworld will mostly be standing in the platform. 


The platform is made of three separate parts, because in Act 2, 2/3s of it would be removed, so Orpheus would be the only one standing in it, as the only main character in the play who is alive at this point.


This changes in the climax, when all three pieces of the platform are back, this time at a diagonal angle from upstage Right, to downstage Left. This time, it is a path that Eurydice and Orpheus take in order to get back to the Overworld. This, of course, fails, and afterward, the whole platform disappears. The starry night is Stage Left would become shrouded in darkness, as any hope of bringing Eurydice back to life fades away."

- Kira Ricarte, SD

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