Sarah Jones
Stage Manager/ Production Manager
Monika Orzelowski
Production Manager
Alex Mooteelall
Technical Director

"Working with Sarah Jones as my Co-Production Manager was inspiring, as I found myself learning more from her as we bounced ideas off of each other."


"Padraig Bond as a director was a delight as we created his vision for the Goldberg Studio with our designers.

" was thrilling to see passionate minds working on this text granted to us by Sarah Ruhl."

- Monika Orzelowski, PM

"The first day we started implementing staging over Zoom, we were working through the climactic scene with Orpheus and Eurydice as they walk together..."







"... our actors ran this moment, it literally took my breath away. Their instincts, even working on this platform, were truly on point and it showed.

"Much of the joy of stage management can be found in the little moments of being a fly on the wall in a rehearsal space..."

- Sarah Jones, SM

"A highlight moment for CoLab for me was working with everyone, all the mentors and students."



"This was my first time being a part of Hunter Theatre, so it has been a memorable experience getting to work with such creative and passionate artists."



"(Bonus highlight moment: We all got to meet Sarah Ruhl)."

- Alex Mooteelall, TD

Notes in the margins


the director






  • A Great Surprise

  • Directing Style

  • Auditions

  • ​Logistics

  • Design Teams

  • Production Teams

  • Scheduling

  • Few Days

  • Breakout Rooms

  • Notes for actors

  • 270 group texts in 1 night for efficient communication

  • Lighter/Darker on Screen Shades?

  • Audio Drama?

  • Using real windows?

  • Challenges

  • Hearing & Seeing Everyone

  • Adding Theatrical Elements

  • Experimenting with Broadcasting Software