costume design

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Aaliyah Rivera, Costume Designer

     Aaliyah Rivera is the costume designer for Eurydice. She is a student at Hunter College, and this is her final semester. She was grateful for the new experience of designing costumes and is grateful she got to work with a great group of people. She was excited to be able to work on a play at a time when theatre is on lockdown. 

what inspired your work?

     "My idea for Eurydice’s dress was inspired by the wedding dress in Hunger Games, in the fact that it catches fire. So, I wanted the wedding dress as she is descending into the underworld to catch fire by putting a hard red lighting on the white wedding dress. However, the dress will be a simple white dress compared to the Hunger Games movie. The reason why I want the dress to have red lighting on it is because I want to have Eurydice dressed in red throughout the play because I feel that color pops out, and I want her to be more in focus. 


I am only using 1950s style clothing only for the beach scene. From there, we followed the times that were said in the play which are the 1950s in the first and the 1930s when Eurydice arrives in the Underworld. Then we discovered that other than those two scenes, time was free flowing and timeless, so I got to play around with that."

- Aaliyah Rivera, CD 

Eurydice Color Scheme

•White, black, grey, red and blue

•The red and blue colors will become darker or dull in the underworld. The red will become burgundy and blue will turn into a dark midnight blue.

•Eurydice will always be dresses in red.

•Orpheus will always be dressed in blue.

•The father will be in grey.

The Beach

Eurydice's and Orpheus's swimsuits are inspired by 1950s style; the colors, hers red and his blue, are based on their individual themes. These costumes are worn in Movement 1, Scene 1.


The wedding

Eurydice's wedding dress is inspired by the hunger games fire wedding dress. The dress will catch fire at the bottom as she is descending into the underworld; this will be simulated by lighting effect. It also brings back the ‘red’ element in her clothing.

Eurydice's father's suit will be grey and will be based on a classic style with the pocket chain watch. He will wear the same costume throughout the play.

The color of Orpheus's wedding tuxedo is based on his blue theme, and the design of his bow tie is inspired by his love for music.


The villain

The first incarnation of the play's villain appears as a stranger called "The Nasty Interesting Man". He will wear a black trench coat, and I want him to have a creepy feel like a flasher.

In the other incarnation of the play's villain, he appears as "The Lord of the Underworld", both as a child and as an adult. As a child, his costume will consist of a black shirt with a “kid like” skull and cross bones, and black dress jeans. When he appears as an adult, he will wear a fancy all black suit, with a gothic aesthetic.


The stones

The stone costume design is inspired by the gargoyle statues I saw on my trip to Notre Dame; their color and texture is a great representation for “the stones”. These photos show how I would want it to look on the actors, minus the horns.

eurydice's & orpheus's other costumes

Eurydice’ pantsuit is inspired by the 1930s style; she only wears this on her arrival to hell. The ‘red’ color in her clothes will turn into a dark burgundy once she arrives at the underworld.

After her arrival to the underworld, she will switch to a simple burgundy dress; symbolizing that she has become more comfortable with the idea of being with her father in the underworld.

Opheus's depressed Pajamas will be light blue; they will be dirty and will have holes in them.


Orpheus's costume when he reaches the underworld will consist of parts of Greek armor (the arms and legs). Underneath the armor, he will be wearing simple navy colored clothes.